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1936 -- For the first and only time in Olympic history, the Vatican City fielded teams in several events, including the Womens' Rifles. The team, lead by Mother Superior Maria Grazia, didn't win any medals, but became minor celebrities. In 1937, they did an international exhibition tour of several Latin American countries and then the United States, where using the stage name "Nuns With Guns" they were a major attraction at the 1937 State Fairs in Iowa and Minnesota. With the very real…

Élise Rivet was the Mother Superior at the convent of “Notre Dame de Compassion”, where she not only hid refugees from the gestapo, but also used the convent to stash some weapons & ammunition for the resistance. She was eventually caught in March of 1944 & sentenced to hard labor at Ravensbrück concentration camp. About a year later, Élise was murdered along with thousands of others just weeks before the war ended.

Three planet alignment over Egyptian pyramids…(I would just like to say, after having to delete so many negative and argument causing comments, I don't care if it isn't real, or if you think it's photoshopped. This was posted under Humor, not Science. It's a neat picture and I'll thank you to keep your negativity to yourselves. Any comments about the authenticity of this picture or anything related will be deleted as soon as I've seen them.)

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By Colin Brown

Because we owe these women so much more than most people remember

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Community Post: Art Nouveau Disney Princesses

Disney Princesses

Nora Douglas Holt (1885-1974) - American musician and singer who composed over 200 pieces. In 1918 she was the first African American woman to earn her master’s degree from Chicago Musical College. During the roaring 1920s, Nora Holt was a wealthy socialite and party girl, Holt was a major player during the Harlem Renaissance. The photo is by an unidentified photographer c1930.

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The 50 Most Powerful Pictures In American History

1945 — V-J Day in Times Square

Jim Beckwourth was an African American who played a major role in the early exploration and settlement of the American West. Although there were people of many races and nationalities on the frontier, Beckwourth was the only African American who recorded his life story, and his adventures took him from the everglades of Florida to the Pacific Ocean and from southern Canada to northern Mexico.

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21 Photos Of People Being Wonderful Throughout History

Seventeen-year-old Jackie Mitchell, one of the first female pitchers in professional baseball, poses after striking out both Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig in 1931. | 21 Photos Of People Being Wonderful Throughout History