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Hulk vs. Thor. Hahaha

That moment when you can’t stop laughing…

bahahahahaha, that was one of the best hulk parts

Troll Thor…

This is hilarious! Thor so should have put his hammer on Loki! i bet that's what they did with him while they ate shwarma! (another great answer for where Loki was while the Avengers ate shawarma!

Thor: he was trying to pull Mjolnir out of the ground with his pick-up.  The Avengers: he was being interviewed at the end and said something along the lines of "superheros in New York? Give me a break." He also appears in the Spider-Man ride at Universal Studios.

Found him for you

Stan Lee Appearances In Marvel Movies <--- They forgot the appearance in Avengers!<---- Ah, ah, ah, he is on where the tv is on the news about New York being saved by the avengers.

Seite 3 « Hornoxe.com – Picdump #329 | Hornoxe.com

Funny pictures about Thor's worst prank. Oh, and cool pics about Thor's worst prank. Also, Thor's worst prank.


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Mark Ruffalo Reacts To The ‘Science Bros’ Meme, The Sometimes-NSFW Hulk And Iron Man Fan Art

Mark Ruffalo just found out about the "Science Bros" meme, which depicts a very special relationship between Iron Man and Hulk.

loki comics | funny-Loki-vs-Thor-father-comic.  800,000 fan girls suggest otherwise:)

Poor Loki…

I made a castle daddy, Wow! Daddy I made a castle too, no one cares Loki

love this movie

Conquer the Earth, they said. It will be fun. - Loki from The Avengers looks like he needs some rest. Conquer the Earth, they said. It will be fun, they said.

There is nothing that is not perfect in this.

Tony Stark's New Groove

Emperor's New Groove/Avengers crossover! Nerdy fans are the best kind of fans!

Loki and Thor Comic

(Gif) thor Loki the avengers marvel do I look to be in a gaming mood