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Grape Vine Covered Garden Arch, leading to the Tranquil Pool with Limestone Surround. So Handsome.

LOVE the trees in this & the walls behind (obviously not the roof of pool house or anything)

oh my... this website is too fun. Tons of ideas for the home!

Love this pool, and everything looks Japanese. Would have some lovely late night swims there!

photo by John Stranaland. That is more than a dream home that's an extraordinary home it looks like a hotel for your family only.. amazing what magnificent stoneware is there definitely a dream home

The pool, the tub, the bar, the deck behind the house. Replace pool and tub tile with black tiling.

Holy moly!!! ♥ This house is a little too big for my taste, but the scenery is absolutely stunning! I LOVE how it has tree's, a huge lawn, there's water in the back yard & a cute little walking dock. ADORABLE!!!!!!<----haha just repining cause of the caption..they seem to be in love..

.yeah I think this house will hold our entire family for a vacation beach house.

Beautiful pool. #luxuryhomes. www.findinghomesi.... Keller Williams Real Estate, Las Vegas, NV.