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Awesome Polka Dot Cake

Funny pictures about Strategically placed stickers. Oh, and cool pics about Strategically placed stickers. Also, Strategically placed stickers photos.

25 signos cotidianos destrozados por culpa de internet

25 Everyday Signs Completely Ruined by the Internet lol Ive seen the second one in Europe!

Awkward Ad Placements!

Tickld Mobile - Awkward Ad Placements I may be guilty of having a sick twisted mind because this made me laugh really hard!

Logo Fails

Funny pictures about Biggest logo fails. Oh, and cool pics about Biggest logo fails. Also, Biggest logo fails photos.

When I clicked this, I thought it was in /r/cringepics. Turns out it was in /r/funny. - Imgur

When I clicked this, I thought it was in /r/cringepics. Turns out it was in /r/funny.

funny billboard ads funny ad mistakes, funny signs, funny billboards,

Epic Advertising fails (funny, hilarious, bad placement, you had one job, fail)

Celebrities as casual people, can't stop laughing ...

NYC Artist Shows Us What Famous Celebrities Would Look Like as Normal People - Too funny!

Meanwhile In Finland Thats ok! They dont have a crime rate. Maybe we could take a leaf out of their book!!

Meanwhile In Finland.haha that's funny. I'm loving the Italy police car. If those were American police cars, I'd become a cop 😜

uberHumor.com: Probably the funniest site on the net...

My favorite is Sweden with the cats they really look like they are dancing too < Germany and Ireland though.

Quick, zoom in on that....  @Stephanie Rhyan

Funny pictures about Zoom and enhance! Oh, and cool pics about Zoom and enhance! Also, Zoom and enhance!

Here are some simple and geeky ideas that just might be borderline genius.

These are really funny, I don't get the cheese stick/thermostat one though 😕

Passive agressive is always my favorite but blunt and obvious get the job done as well :D

Mother Of Notifications!

Funny pictures about Passive aggressive notes. Oh, and cool pics about Passive aggressive notes. Also, Passive aggressive notes.

Funny Comic Strip  http://womenpulse.com/at-the-gym-who-is-looking-at-whom/

"The Oatmeal is hilarious" - Who looks at who in the gym. From The Oatmeal…