Paul's Puppet Heap hand puppets! Here's Lucy and her violin!

Paul Klee & his hand puppet

Paul Klee, Hand puppets

Paul Klee hand puppets There is a wonderful book about these puppets and more.

Paul Klee's hand puppets.

Paul Klee - Hand Puppets

Paul Klee puppets

Paul Klee - Hand Puppets for his son Felix

Paul Klee - Hand Puppets / Old Chum

beautiful puppet art

Little mittens for holding hands

Red hang gang - Black and white children's plywood clothes hanger

Fruit Hand Cream. The cutest apple scented moisturizer.

Awesome red violin

For Lucy, b/c we all know this is true. :)

the quote, reminds me of Lucy. :)

animal alphabet - This is adorable!

bear in red hat - lovely spoon rest on Etsy, £21.60

Gingiber calendar

bear in red hat - lovely spoon rest design by Clay Opera

Giraffes for the bean.