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why the hell did we ever collect these?! because they were awesome, had a troll barbie, had mini trolls, had a troll birthday cake, had a special jewel troll, and the jewel went down the sink when i was figuring out how to put it together, so sad at the time :)

Sure, we may have been kids when some of our favorite Disney movies came out, but that doesn't mean we didn't take plenty of the lessons learned from them with us to adulthood. Disney taught us about life — like what real friendship is and what it

Squeezits - because lunch at school was 10x better if your mom had packed you one of these badboys. The color-changing ones? The ultimate.

39 Coolest Kids Toys You Can Make Yourself

I LUV this idea. Have the doll house in the top of an entertainment center and use the drawers to house all the dolls and extra doll house toys. Doll house cupboard -@Erin B B B Nash we did this with a book shelf, remember? :)

DIY Toys For All the Kids

Level: easy // Betten für die ganz kleinen Spielfreunde // Gesehen bei:

Retro vintage Dymo Label Maker