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Never ignore a person who loves you cares for you and misses you because one day you might wake up and realize you lost the moon while counting the stars life quote - Collection Of Inspiring Quotes, Sayings, Images

I just might

Be careful how far you push me away, I may end up liking it there. Yep I actually do like it here, best thing that ever happened for my own sanity.


Its incredibly difficult when you have to release that the person who you love and has left you cause they don't love u anymore.Its taken a long time, but I can now see I did not and do not deserve to be put through the pain. I am worth more.

Do u have this someone in ur life? I do. I do. <3

If you find someone who makes you smiles, checks up on you,. Keep them close and don't take them for granted. People like that are hard to find. LOVE AND FRIENDSHIP.

You should never have to ask your partner three things: if they love you, if they think you look pretty, and where your relationship is going. You should already have the answers because they should make them known to you.


Someone who is Worthy of your Love will never put you in a Situation where you feel you must Sacrifice your Dignity, Integrity or your Self Worth to be with them. One Must Respect ones Self Worth and Walk Away!

How true!

"One of the hardest things in life is having words in your heart that you can't utter" Absolute truth. The hardest thing is remaining silent when your heart has so many things to say.

Please join us on FB... Breaking Free from Narcissist.....This applies also to men who have been involved the the Narcissist/Sociopath

Please join us on FB. Breaking Free from Narcissist.This applies also to men who have been involved the the Narcissist/Sociopath

Strength comes from overcoming challenges. There is no single person who has been successful who has not overcome obstacles and displayed determination and resilience. I like this as a tattoo idea.


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If you genuinely love someone, dont ever decorate their eyes with tears, their ears with lies, and their heart with a wound.

Long-Married Couple's Secret To Marital Happiness Is So Simple It's Beautiful…… If You Genuinely Love Someone, Don't Decorate Their Eyes With Tears, Their Ears With Lies, And Their Heart With A Wound.

A veces alguien llega a tu vida que cambia todo. Levanta tus estandares, te hace reir y te hace sentir como tu mismo. Hay algo en el que no puedes poner en palabras y aun que no estes con el, no lo quieres dejar ir.

Sometimes someone comes into your life that changes everything. Raises the standards, make you laugh and makes you feel like you. There is something about him that you can't put into words and even though you're not with him, you don't want to let him go.


I love you, but I hate you. I miss you, But I'm better off without you. I want you out of my life, but I never want to let you go.


A quote that describes the one who is worth the wait ♥ Hold out for that remarkable connection and your path will intersect with true love. Wait for the one who will PURSUE YOU.