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  • Emily

    THE BIG BANG THEORY - Nerd Humor

  • Sweetie evans

    Dr. Sheldon Cooper. ;) #funnystuff #geekhumor #geekstuff #chemistry #sciencehumor #TheBigBangTheory #Sheldon

  • Heather Williams

    I ♥ The Big Bang Theory... and corny science jokes :)

  • Leslie J

    Big Bang Theory - lol nerd joke, live it!

  • Sarah

    The Big Bang Theory! Chemistry jokes.

  • Melissa Jolly

    Dr.Sheldon Cooper Big Bang Theory Chemistry Humor.. Hahaha! I love you Sheldon!!

  • Gee Ireland

    THE BIG BANG THEORY - for thoses of us who love good humor AND puns....I love science humor!

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LOL Sheldon kicks butt

Hey, if you want someone to guess 'chocolate chip cookie', you draw a glass of milk next to it.

This would be the most frightening thing for me as well. I'm glad I'm on the same level as Sheldon.

Sheldon Cooper. Big Bang Theory.

Lol thats really Funny, share, commetn and like !! Thnks

that is the worst thing you could have done... they're calling the cops.. Gracia Gomez-Cortazar Mclaughlin

I had to take a profile pic for work and TOTALLY looked like Sheldon! Needless to say RETAKE!! LOL NO SMILE!!

Sheldon has given the last chance #Haha

The Big Bang Theory(: every time I name animals or something....this is what Im like. My next puffster of a dog is gonna be named Dumeraugh.