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    Avoid Increasing When Turning Crochet Rows - YouTube

    great pic tutorial for where to put your first and last crochet stitch for straight edges by Kim Werker at Crochet Me

    The Double Crochet Stitch Controversy (Or How to Get Straight Edges) thanks so for sharing xox

    How to Use a Stitch Marker and Why They're Useful in Knit & Crochet •keep track of your stitch count (place them between every stitch repeat in a lace or cable pattern!) •mark mistakes that need fixing (split ring markers work best for this) •indicate the beginnings of the round on in-the-round projects

    My Hobby Is Crochet: How to turn regular HDC stitches into knit alike stitches (working in rows and in rounds, color change and almost invisible seams)

    How to crochet the star stitch)

    reduce gap between turning chain and next row

    Great tutorial that "demystifies double crochet" so you know how to crochet the end of the row, turn, and start the next row. It gives you straight edges this way. ~

    double V stitch

    Picture of Lace Edgings Crochet Pattern

    Crochet Stitches - Chain (ch). Single Crochet (s c)., Half Double Crochet (half d c), Double Crochet (d c). Treble (Tr). For a Double Treble (d tr), Slip Stitch (sl st)., Block (bi) end Spece (sp., Picot (p). Cross Stitch., Cluster., Knot Stitch. Popcorn Stitch (pc st).


    This is the stitch I have been looking for! Single Crochet Ripple Stitch

    A Special Join for Crochet - YouTube

    I love her! She has tons of patterns and video tutorials for all things crochet. My favorite beanie pattern is from her. By watching her videos, I learned new stitches that I never knew.

    keeping track of your rows without using a row counter

    Flowers in a Row

    getting really into crocheting - just learned this ribbed stitch and I LOVE the way it turns out!

    Standing Double Crochet - Joining Without the Slip Stitch and Chain!

    Picture of Crochet Stitch Guide

    Beautiful Harlequin Stitch: free #crochet pattern (link is in the blog)