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Crochet wrap Bracelet and Necklace in one piece. Wrapped bracelet. Silver color . Coiled Bracelet. Threaded Bracelet. Textile Jewelry

Crochet Wrap Bracelet

Technique :: Good tip! "Most of us were taught to start the first row by crocheting into the front of the starting chain. Instead, try inserting your hook into the bump on the back of the chain. Surprisingly, this actually creates a much neater, smoother, more elastic edge that will even mirror your final row perfectly. Since crocheting into that back bump creates a mirror stitch to your last row, it makes seaming adding a crocheting edging much easier!"

from Rescued Paw Designs

Chevron Crochet Pattern & Tutorial

Easy Step by Step Pattern on how to do the Chevron Stitch in Crochet - Chevron Crochet Tutorial from Rescued Paw Designs

from Rescued Paw Designs

Simple Crochet Blanket Pattern From

Simple Crochet Blanket Pattern From Rescued Paw Designs Free & Simple Crochet Blanket Pattern - Perfect for Beginners!