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    Dragon Stone Found on the south shore of Lake Erie. Thinking that it must be some kind of a joke, I took it to the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, and showed it to Dr. David Saja, curator and head of Mineralogy. He examined it under magnification, and said that there was nothing phony about it, that it was a remarkable work of nature. He said the stone was Red Iron Sandstone inside a Tan Sandstone, slightly metamorphosed into Quartzite. How is that for strange and unusual? --Adam L.

    Quartz / Mineral Friends ♥

    Phosphophyllite - is a rare mineral composed of hydrated zinc phosphate. The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County

    Cuprosklodowskite / Congo - Cuprosklodowskite is a secondary uranium mineral formed by alteration of earlier uranium minerals. Cuprosklodowskite is a nesosilicate mineral, It is grass green to dark green in color, and its crystal habit is typically acicular, flat bladed crystals. It is a strongly radioactive mineral.

    rough diamonds

    Boracite (a rare mineral from evaporite deposits) at Boulby Mine in Cleveland

    The Hixon Ruby Crystal is a 196.10-carat gem. It was donated to the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles in 1978 by Frederick C. Hixon. It is considered to be one of the most perfect large ruby crystals in the world.

    Lake Erie Artists Gallery

    Geology of Great Britain. This old geological map of Great Britain shows in detail the geology of the whole island, and also the relationship of the south coast sections to this.

    Red Phantom Quartz or Quartz with iron oxide inclusions.

    Moqui Marbles, naturally occurring iron oxide concretions that arise from navajo sandstone. Very prevalent in the Escalante Grand Staircase National Monument

    “Iron-Rose” Hematite from Switzerland

    The Emerald Necklace in goes through Cuyahoga was my favorite place to hike, or just be in peace while I lived in Cleveland and Lakewood,Ohio....

    Silver Crystals

    Sandstone Waves in Coyote Buttes North ~ Arizona


    Hematite Calcite Crystal

    Rare Yellow Wavellite / Mineral Friends ♥

    Faerie Magic in Minerals. (Aluminium phosphate wavellite, High Down Quarry, Filleigh, North Devon, England. Discovered by John Hill late 18th c and named for William Wavell, a local physician and mineral collector.)

    agate arrowhead