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Bridal Veil leather mask in White "Rococo"

the creative adult... is the child who survived. if you keep playing, you'll never grow old. #livelikeitcounts #inspiring

It's funny and very much true on my end. I think my mom is the queen of all things one needs to know...she can always answer my questions! She's the one who I call when I need a crow bar, a stern look and someone to get me the right claim on insurance! XD

This statement so clearly defines the stigma attached to those of us who have attempted suicide and survived. So often, my name comes up, and the response is, "the one that was so selfish and tried to kill herself-her poor family". I am not a statistic. I am an individual who sustained horrific abuse. Take one step in the shoes that I wore as a child, feel my pain for just 1 minute. Think twice before you judge me.

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