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Urban Farming, a Bit Closer to the Sun

Urban Farming

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Urban Farming

Brookly Grange is one of the World's largest rooftop farms. BRABBU loves the idea of bringing the nature and habits connected to nature and country-life to the urban environment. The photo captures a very great ambience, as well. #roof #gardening #farm #plant #vegetable #green #new york

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Urban Farming

Urban Farming: Man Grows A Million Pounds Of Food On A Few Acres In The Dead Of Winter With No Heating


Urban farming changes run down lots to blooming gardens

Urban Farming

Brooklyn Grange is a commercial organic farm located on New York City rooftops. They grow vegetables in the city and sell them to local people and businesses. The goal is to improve access to very good food, to connect city people more closely to farms and food production, and to make urban farming a viable enterprise and livelihood.