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    • Shirlene Renshaw

      Homemade Fabric Softener!! 2 cups of your favorite scented conditioner 3 cups of white vinegar 6 cups of water hot A container to mix the ingredients and hold the softener in Mix all ingredients together. You can use a pitcher to mix them all together and then just pour it into an empty container. It takes a minute of stirring, but do it until no more conditioner clumps. Don't shake it. Use 1/4 cup per load and it works great!

    • Jana Phinney

      homemade fabric softener..made this last night and used it today...great money saver and it works. I saved a large tide jug with the push spout...perfect. mc

    • Lezlie Sherrin

      Save LOADS of money by making your own fabric softener! 6 cups hot water 3 cups white vinegar 2 cups hair condition in fragrance you prefer...Stir and bottle.

    • Heather Grissom Boswell

      DIY homemade fabric softener recipe and other DIY cleaners like for your granite

    • Christina Aquino

      #diy #fabricsoftener #diyfabricsoftener #homemaker

    • 5 Monkeys and a Chick
      • 3 years ago

      7/15/12 I made this to day using Suave Ocean Mist conditioner. But I wont be able to use it until all my other fabric softener is gone! : ( aww, screw that next load of laundry gets it! : )

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