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    Why am I laughing?

    Friday Favorites & A WINNER!!! - Cottage in the Oaks

    The cowards that never stood up for you were not your friends, lovers or anyone that you need in your life.

    For the rest of my life I want you and only you you are the love of my life you're the first woman I've ever been with the first girlfriend I've ever had your my best friend my soulmate my lover like I said the first one my everything and soon I pray my wife

    Elephant family

    (link) 21 Hilariously Evil Ways to Drive a Person Crazy ~ We all have a little prankster living inside of us. But how far would you go? Are you more the type to play a simple little joke at their expense or are you someone who would engage in a month long con that slowly drives them a bit insane? These 21 ways of driving someone crazy all vary in difficulty, but they all have the same hilarious result if you keep it up for a while. ~ for more great PINs, visit Donna Johnisee ~ have fun!

    The clinical/abnormal psychologist part of me just had a good laugh

    The Heathered Life: 5 Friends Every Girl Needs

    Emperor penguins share parenting responsibility. They mate for life and if their mate dies they will most likely never find another mate

    I don't know what I'm watching, but I can't stop.

    no thanks, I'm good....

    oh man..... Those French revolutionary kids.

    Oh, my, how perfect and eloquently stated. I think having your identity stolen by deceit odds the worse thing ever next to suicide. I'm so mad that anyone else had the ability to destroy my identity in one act completely out of my control. I'm over it and I purpose and choose to forgive her but it sucks. Lol, so on with my life... *sigh*

    Only two people at once? Hahahaha...At least five ^^; ... 1) Happy Silly 2) Pessimistic Mess 3) Sensibly Logical 4) Coldhearted Cutthroat 5) Doting Protector ~

    i'm not here to be average. i'm here to be awesome.

    Stay close.

    20 Quotes That Show What Friendship Truly Means - Thanks for everything :)

    All in or all out? Be all in, sign up on to set a goal + track your #progress!

    He is my everything and he has no idea... just talking to him makes my day and he is there for me when I need him... he treats me the way I've always wanted to be treated and he is my best guy friend...

    Best friend quote

    -Stephen Hawking