Maru-kyusu - Analogue Life

Hira Kyusu teapot by Azmaya - Made in Tokoname - Japan - Brews enough for 3 or 4 small cups

Saxbo pitcher. throw a tall spout & split for handle

Teapot by Kazunori OHNAKA, Japan 大中和典

for tea time Yokode Kyusu is a teapot with the handle placed on the side of the pot. The design of these pots makes it easy to pour out every last single drop of tea.

The seller's description: "We often have to think about where to put a cup after washing it. If we let it stand upright, dusts will pile up inside. If we stand it upside down, the mouth of the cup would be contaminated. MUG-ZERO easily solves such problem." from Withwill, Melbourne


Teapot by artist Norikazu Oe


Moroccan Medina Glass Teapot

Judith Weber Dragon Red Teapot via momsturf #Teapot #Judith_Weber #momsturf

Looove that one! Japanese Shinzuku Teardrop Tetsubin Cast Iron teapot

cups by Yoko Ozawa photo by Olga Bennett

Turkish soup cup.

ceramic teapot with wooden handle

inspiration - thinking of air dry clay and porcelain pens...

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Wow those handles. Barbara Hast Porcelain