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Character Inspiration: Tom Holland as Peter Chase - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!

((Open RP. Someone be Tom Holland. Written in his perspective)) There were days when I just wanted to be alone and to take a walk, maybe get some coffee or a hot drink due to the cold. It had started raining, great. I pull up my hoodie and keep on walking trying to reach my favorite place to be alone for a bit. I'm looking practically at the floor since I already knew the way, I look up a bit and I see people were taking shelter from the rain. Some of them have umbrellas and such, some cover…

I really don't think they could've picked a better person to play Spidey, not only does he look very similar to the comic Peter, but they both have a heart of gold.

100 art therapy exercises to make your mind, body and spirit sing. | Tools to live an Inspired Life- Stuart Cline

100 art therapy exercises to make your mind, body and spirit sing.

Apple Fritter Cake - for Todd and will have to make when Janice comes

Apple Fritter Cake and UFOs

Apple Fritters are traditional New Year's Eve treats in Holland-- this Apple Fritter Cake looks like a fun and easier twist!

I think most people don’t expect to find that many cool things to do in Amsterdam, making it all about sex-museums and coffee shops. Short story: it’s not. Amsterdam is sensational and there’s a lot more to the city. But you’ll see what I’m talking about!

How to "Do" Amsterdam in 5 Days: The Ultimate Itinerary

Is it possible to explore Amsterdam in 5 days? It's actually the ideal amount of time to discover the city. Let's get on to the itinerary, shall we?

Travel inspiration for all the wanderlusters out there!

Amsterdam Travel Must-Dos

Amsterdam is one of those cities that catches you off guard, leaves you breathless, and then makes you fall head over heels in love.

bruges, belgium, LOVED Belgium!!!

An entry from The Fox Project

"Bruges is a shit hole." "Bruges is NOT a shit hole." - Cafes in Bruges, Belgium.

About To Get Real Mug $16.00 - Urban Outfitters

Gifts For Her: 25 Birthday Gift Ideas For The Special Lady In Your Life - Shit's About To Get Real mug, Urban Outfitters

Stroopwafels. My heart aches when I see these.

Stroopwafels are very common snacks in the Netherlands. This is made from two thin layers of baked dough with a caramel syrup filling in the middle. They are recommended to be placed above a hot drink for a minute to make them even more delicious.