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I Can Be A Pal-- building your classroom community

This could be incorporated into social skills, great to set first day expectations.

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Getting to Know You Jar- A Back to School Community Building Activity

A great getting to know you activity for back to school! Use in literacy rotations. Give students the questions the day before so they can think about their answers

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5 B's: When to Tell the Teacher a Classroom Management Tool to Reduce Tattling

Tired of your students running up and telling you every little thing? Trouble with tattling? Do you have students that need a Band-Aid for a teeny-tiny speck? Teach your students the 5 B’s! The 5 B's is a classroom management tool meant to reduce off task "teacher telling" and tattling. The 5 B’s help your students know when it’s appropriate to go to the teacher and what things a teacher needs to know about.$

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Guided Reading ~ LEVEL C

GUIDED READING: Level C: Save time and target your guided reading group instruction.

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Close Reading: Teacher's Guide to Asking Text-Dependent Questions

This is a handy bookmark to help teachers generate text-dependent questions during a Close Reading lesson. This is not for students! It is simply a tool to help teachers during text-based discussions. Teachers can keep this bookmark/guide handy so that asking a text-based question is quick and easy!Graphics by Melonheadz and fonts by KG Fonts

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Making Inferences Using White Mystery Airheads Lab

A great way to get students to understand and make inferences!

LOVE THIS IDEA: teacher picked a stick and they never knew who that person was until the end of the day. If that person behaved in line, listened and followed directions in class with few warnings, they got a surprise out of the treasure box and their name went up on the wall of fame..if the mystery person did not behave their name went back into the box and it was never revealed.

Back to School Jeopardy style game show! Want to have some FUN on those first few days of school? Here is a suggestion: a GAME SHOW!! Five fun categories that will get your kids laughing, thinking, and up out of their chairs for a really good time. Make sure you have your camera ready! $