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VIDEO : Trump Gives a Spirited Speech at New Years Eve Bash! – TruthFeed 1/2/17

Trump sent Omarosa Manigault, an infamously dishonest and mean spirited contestant from The Apprentice reality television show, to meet with the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America. The group’s founder, Paul Rieckhoff, is already upset that Donald Trump appears to be considering putting Pete Hegseth, a puppet of the conservative influence-buying billionaire Koch Brothers, in charge of the Department of Veterans Affairs. Worse, Trump is refusing to take the group seriously, stiffing them…

Trump vs Hillary: Supporters Square Off In Spirited Debate: The Inaugural Infowars Open Forum, moderated by Lee Ann Mcadoo

VIDEO : Trump Gives a Spirited Speech at New Years Eve Bash! – TruthFeed

Donald Trump 'lies' a lot. And news organisations should say so

Donald Trump lies a lot – and news organisations should always tell readers when he does Leading figures are currently engaged in a spirited debate over how to handle the Trump administration’s approach to the news media

Indiana Making Its Poors Healthier, Just By Adding Shame And Bureaucracy! ... Read more at

Robert Reich's New Year’s Wish for Donald Trump -

Yuck! Pig idiot Drumpf

"Obama has confirmed what the world suspected. He was never up for the job of president. He never had the intelligence, or political savvy to fix America's problems. But he can campaign endlessly, being fueled by those rubber chicken dinners, and fake applause for his empty meaningless rhetoric."