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Orange is the New Black. "People's loyalty means nothing because the second you're not useful to them, you're out."

Transcript: President Obama's Remarks On Conn. School Shootings

Horrible acts of violence have forced President Obama to speak to a shocked nation after several mass shootings — at a shopping center in Arizona, a Colorado movie theater, a Sikh Temple in Wisconsin and, on Friday, a Connecticut elementary school. He said something must be done "regardless of the politics."

Top 5 Reasons For Gun Control

Gun Control Measure FLOP! These cowards are social failures, live in a fantasy world of Computer Games and Videos, and fantasize that killing unarmed innocent people is a way to pay back society for their dead soul - do not deserve to Plead Insanity at their trials to save their life.

Colorado tragedy: Main-stream Media rushed to try and bring the Tea Party into the tragic shooting at Colorado movie theather only to later issue a retraction when proven wrong as is usually the case.

I often say that Nerf and KTCL Channel 93.3 have an uncanny ability to put together a stellar concert lineup and 2015\\\'s Big Gig was no exception (click here to see band interviews). AWOLnation, Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness, Banks, New Politics, Atlas Genius, Saint Motel and Colorado band Pandas ...