heart garlands - mixed sources

We're selling lots of red paper and that can only mean one thing - Valentines Day is not far off!  It's Thursday 14th February - so get those tables booked! We've been searching to find you some beautiful Valentines day craft ideas for you and your children to make up for loved ones and relations and to decorate the house.

Comic strip heart

paper birds

Heart Garland

paper garland of hearts

Heart garland

Paper hearts decoration for Valentine's Day

fingerprint heart

hearts folded in half with one side taped down in a circular pattern. Cute on wrapping paper for a gift

the hearts are cute. quilled letter

Heart garland.

valentine kids craft

Valentine's heart paper chain. Good fine motor craft for preschoolers.

Pretty paper flowers.

DIY: paper wings

Paper Decor. could use plain computer paper.

Paper flower


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