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    milk crate compost - 3 crates, plastic or metal mesh/screen or weed barrier fabric, scissors, hot glue gun, wood, saw, drill, screws (preferably rust proof), old drawer handles, varnish, newspaper, organic waste

    Backyard Farming: Waste Not Want Not Making a compost container for less than $20

    Easy worm/compost bin! Includes a video on setting up a worm bin using a plastic storage bin.

    A worm tower for composting straight into the growing area- keyhole gardens do this too, but this is great for the gardens in the ground :)

    Coffee by-products can be used in the garden and farm as follows: * Sprinkle used grounds around plants before rain or watering, for a slow-release nitrogen. * Add to compost piles to increase nitrogen balance.  Coffee filters and tea bags break down rapidly during composting. *Dilute with water for a gentle, fast-acting liquid fertilizer.  Use about a half-pound can of wet grounds in a five-gallon bucket of water; let sit outdoors to achieve ambient temperature. * Mix into soil for house...

    Homemade Weed Killer 1 gallon of white vinegar 1/2 cup salt Liquid dish soap (any brand) Empty spray bottle Put salt in the empty spray bottle and fill it the rest of the way up with white vinegar. Add a squirt of liquid dish soap. This solution works best if you use it on a hot day. Spray it on the weeds in the morning, and as it heats up it will do its work.

    Kitchen composting guidelines and tips.

    3-Bin Wire Composter for 'cold composting' - I have this in my yard for a few seasons now and use it for leaves and grass clippings. Do not add weeds to it!!! The piles do not get hot enough to kill them off and they will just wait and respread once the compost is finished and ready for use. It is a way to compost all the healthy cuttings and clippings from your property and garden. Within 2-3 months....I have beautiful compost to spread around my beds and to use in my outside pots.

    Compost bins, beautiful!

    Grow amazing vegetables in raised bed gardens without importing a lot of expensive soil.

    compost bin4 How to make the ultimate compost bin in outdoor garden with Pallets Garden compost bin good for having rotating bins

    Cornmeal Uses and Reports

    diy kitchen composter

    Drip irrigation- I do this every year and it works great! Especially during a long Texas drought- less water waste. The only thing that kept my plants going, and once the plants get growing they hide the bottles. Quick and easy way to fertilize too!

    What To Put In A Compost Bin. The website also had info on how to deal with problems that might come up.

    Composting using a 5 gallon bucket. I think I'd really like to try this!

    CHICKENS make your Garden Great! How to get awesome compost in less than 60 days!

    Compost pail for the kitchen counter.

    Homemade Miracle Grow, aka compost tea... basically egg shells & coffee grounds that sit in a cool spot for about a week