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Almost Shel Silverstein-esque, it makes me wonder what's on the horizon...

Mark VanNess, Oak City Tattoo & Piercing, Raleigh NC

Archimedean ocelot, perspective pointers, and pocket knife. All three tattoos by Pony Reinhardt in Portland, OR ~ IG @freeorgy

Penn Station tattoo.

you are my sunshine

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Bird with ribbons

the lightning bolt inspired by AC/DC’s logo (because of their sharp, focused music) and the texture of black plumes inspired on The Beatles’ Blackbird #music #inked #tattoo

GRISHA MASLOV Moscow, Russia Grisha...


“Hendo” Gae of Full Circle Tattoo..


frame and birds


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e and j intertwined


from source: This is my first tattoo I just got done by Josh at Lucky Rabbit in Muncie, Indiana. It’s an elephant that is made up of the names of the people in my family. Brian, my dad, is on the foot because he’s always been there to support me. Kim, my mom, is on the ear because she always listens to me. Bria, my sister, is on the back because I know I can always rely on her for anything. Kailey, my deceased sister, is on the trunk because she is guarding me in the right direction.

I got this tattoo done in Bellingham, WA at Industry Tattoo. It was done by an awesome, down-to-earth guy named Brooks. My mom and I have always found such beauty in henna designs and we get a tinge of sadness when one of our designs fades away. So why not get one permanent? :)