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"Please let us win... please let us win"

Cheer hacks Or just say your words and move your mouth weird ;)

heard this allll competition season ha!

beautiful cheer hair

The stupider you feel while doing your facials the better they are. Some people have no idea what facials are... They just pretend to know exactly what they're doing when it comes to cheerleader and dance.

You know you're a #cheerleader when...#thingsweloveatspiritaccessories

We Only Get One Chance!!!! Not 4, Not 3, Not 2...Just ONE! We don't have any room for mistakes!

And you won't even notice the difference between my "I agree" smile and my "I'm about to stab you" smile

Cheer hacks

Exactly how it is, my dad sees the stunt as I do and my mom is clueless

Those basses better look up and move, otherwise homegirl is gonna hit the ground.

JULIA!!! This is us...Nationals Day #2 too bad they didn't catch it on the video

Cheer hack

cheerleading meme

Werk --> future daughter


Cheerleading quotes

Anyone else have this common cheer problem?! Yea one day in class I was marking my routine in class and i was making facials and that teacher asked if I was okay.. Lol

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Cheer hacks