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    fitness workout weight loss

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    Running and jogging #fitness #quote #inspiration

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    if you're not sure whether you are running or jogging, go faster. #fitness #inspiration

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    Running motivation

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    Just run faster :)

  • Jennifer Froelich

    Thoughts to consider: Many people have tried to identify the precise point at which running becomes jogging and vice versa. Some contend it's 7-minute miles. Others say 55% VO2 max. But really it's not about any of that stuff. Ultramarathoners don't run very fast...The truth is, the line between running and jogging is different for every person. And every person knows just what it is for them. It's all about feel. If it feels like the kind of thing you would do on a treadmill or at the helm of a tricked-out baby stroller, you're probably jogging. If it feels like something that might make other people nervous, you're running. And if you're ever in doubt you can always err on the side of running by going a little faster. Run like an animal.

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