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Doing all you can to help your chickens stay cool in the summer isnt a matter of spoiling them, it can be a matter of life or death. Chickens have a hard time cooling off, so everything you can do to help them is beneficial.

Fresh Eggs Daily®: Help your Backyard Chickens Beat the Summer Heat

Frozen Ice Pops - Mint Helps Chickens Beat the Heat by Fresh Eggs Daily

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Fresh Eggs Daily®: Herbal Tea for Two...or for the Whole Flock

.Love this photo and wish I could get fresh eggs daily!

Weeds 101 ---Chickens (and ducks) love weeds.  As an added bonus, many weeds are extremely nutritious and contain tons of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Winter weeds are especially good healthy treats when grass and other greens are scarce.

Setting up a dust bath area:   You can fill a wooden or plastic tub with your dirt mixture, create a bathing spot in a corner of the run, or build a cute dust bath gazebo, such as this one.

If you have also been wondering what you can give to your chickens for healthy treats this winter when they can't get out to forage, and when produce is't plentiful, why not sprout some seeds or beans for them? It's inexpensive and gives the chickens much-needed nutrition when they can't be out eating grass and weeds."

Fresh Eggs Daily®: Bumblefoot in Chickens and Ducks - Cause and Treatment