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Cheetah Twins...

The smuggling of cheetah cubs out of from Africa and into the Middle East is driving this magnificent species to extinction. Owning a cheetah cub is considered a major status symbol, and since these animals are extremely easy to tame, especially as cubs

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twin Geoffroy's Marmosets

Sagui dwarf monkeys were discovered in 1997 in the Brazilian rainforest when a local showed up to a primate orphanage with a baby in a bucket. It's the second smallest monkey species of that particular habitat. I WANT ONE!

beautiful little Cheetah cub     From Zooborns    via Robin Evans

Busch Gardens recently released new photos of their now Cheetah cub. As many of you remember, the new cub was born at the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens to a mother who wasn’t able to care for him. When zoo.

Geeky photographers show that big cats just want to have some fun.

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maybe christmas card

"hello anyone in there?" ( the polar bear looking into the igloo) "no can't see anyone look" the two polar bears peaking)

“Busy Bobcat”  The stealthy, elusive and beautiful bobcat (lynx rufus) is so named for its shorter “bobbed” tail. This nocturnal relative of the magnificent Lynx is the smallest of the family, weighing in from 11 to 30 pounds, and measuring 30 to 48 inches long, nose to tail.

treewellie: “Wildlife Bob, the Bobcat by Stephen Oachs Montana, USA ”

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A snow monkey (Japanese macaque) enjoying himself in the water while using his smartphone. This photograph taken by Marsel van Oosten has been shortlisted by for the People’s Choice Award in the Wildlife Photographer Of The Year competition


The Goat Tower, one of only a few in world, Located close to Wolf Creek State Park on Lake Shelbyville. A goat tower is a great present for goats because they love to climb!