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Number 10......absolutely. It's a rare disorder that not many people have. You DON'T know, so don't tell me I'm not in pain.
Chronic Illness, Invisible illnesses,  EDS, Marfan's Syndrome, Connective tissue disorder...Frida Kahlo is my inspiration for not looking like crap every day even when I feel bad.
{I wish that people (that do not have a chronic illness) could understand this. I wish they could understand that we do not participate in activities and celebrations because we can't... not because we don't want to. It is hard to watch life go on without being able to participate. SP}
Overlapping Autoimmune Diseases.
Rheumatoid arthritis & fibromyalgia, endometriosis, prudential nerve damage etc...
I haven't been accused of faking but have a family member who is a copycat for every illness I have but she self-diagnosis and has it worse. CRAZY!
It's a coping mechanism! Nobody really wants to know the truth. You can see their attention drifting when you actually start to explain how you really feel
Fibromyalgia Pain-- I agree with 100%, some people should just keep their mouths shut if they have no idea how bad this pain and exhaustion really gets.
This is so sad that we as migraine suffers feel this way, and yet so misunderstood.
Practically every day. Only my husband gets it.