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"Dencity" by Fathom, a look at population density, with larger dots representing sparser populations. $30

Chris Howard: "What I really wanted was this blended map with a population density overlay. Because what really stands out is how red the nation seems to be when you do not take the voting population into account; when you do so many of those vast red mid-west blocks fade into pale pink and lavender (very low population)."

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9 Amazing Projects Made in Microsoft Excel

NY Breathing Map (Work & Home population by hour)

Elements of infographics with a map of America in elements of infographics with a map of America in retro style. Text to curves. - free download

Fascinating maps of population growth / decline in American cities. Blue shows double-digit population growth; the red shows depopulation.

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Vienna Poster

Motif: Geography - The East egg represents the old aristocrats and the West egg represents newly rich. The valley of ashes represents moral and social decay

"The dot at the centre represents all the firepower of World War II. The other dots represent the firepower of existing nuclear weapons. The top right circle represents the weapons on one Poseidon submarine. It is equal to the power of three world wars." Bunge, 1988.

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A brilliant visualization of population density across 9 cities

LSE Cities_ depicts population density

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Subway Maps Designed To Reflect A City's Soul

2 | Subway Maps Designed To Reflect A City's Soul | Co.Design | business + design