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The busier and more stressed you are, the more you need to take a break and check in. Exactly when you feel you don't have the time is when it will benefit you most.

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Great quotes

Feeling good about yourself is healthy both mentally and physically, stay happy, stay healthy. Achie #inspirational

Change is essentially taking something that would otherwise remain the same and turning it into an dissimilar form. As humans we are naturally resistant to change, because with change arises new challenges. Many of us don't realize that they can make the choice to change small things in their lives daily that may amount to bigger changes for the better in their future.

Remembering Robin Williams: His 10 Most Inspirational Quotes


While I am rather introverted most of the time, my husband is quite the opposite! This was very enlightening to me! How an introvert's brain works compared to how an extrovert's brain works.

How to Pray for My Children


1000 Life Hacks


So true!

29 Ways to Be Creative ~ A great #infographic from @Meire Weishaupt with a variety of #tips on how to keep your #creative juices flowing.

Stop procrastinating... 14 tips on how to get it done. Eat Your Frog is a great technique to end your procrastination **KEEPER**

Did you know that the lids from the green plastic Parmesan containers fit almost any mason jar?!? Awesome! Keep those bugs out of your camping cocktail!

Lace Sleeve Little Black Dress

Invest in people who invest in you. #redbandsociety

Be strong minded

Great reminder for a bad day

How true...

Be strong minded

Psalm 68:19 Blessed be the Lord, who daily loadeth us with benefits, even the God of our salvation. Selah. (KJV)