Ha ha !

Funny Stuff! however, that's why we give a every new orleans boot camper a journal for us to track their eating. http://neworleansbootcamps.com


it is funny to me.

If you are ever having a bad day.. Watch this. You will never have a bad day again.

Elderly couple accidentally record themselves while trying to figure out how webcam works. i just died <3 HOW SWEET IS THAT GUY?! I love him! This could possible be bear and me one day!!! Lol


When girls need alone time...

Adult Diapers - Bikini Edition ---- funny pictures hilarious jokes meme humor walmart fails-----sweet angel of Death, please take me now

Science Biology Chemistry Physics Funny Coffee or Tea Mug How to classify science: If it moves- its biology If it stinks- its chemistry. If

Unspoken Communication.

In solitary.

:) LOL!!! Seriously laughed hard enough to fall off the chair...and then giggled some more when I realized the look on that poor peanut mom's face.

ME TOO! haha

Save yourselves!