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  • Ana Chaves

    Sunset Moth ~ EXQUISITE!!! #stunning #photography #awesome

  • Susie Funk

    Madagascan Sunset Moth (Chrysiridia rhipheus) would be a beautiful tattoo

  • A World of Insects

    Sunset Moth #macro #photography #insect

  • Chris H

    The Breathtaking Sunset Moth In 1773, it was first described as a butterfly by Dru Drury. As a result, the Madagascan sunset moth was originally placed in the genus, Papilo. However, in 1823, Jacob Hubner placed it within the moth genus. It was originally thought that this moth was from either Bengal or China, but it was later discovered to be endemic to Madagascar. In fact, it is found throughout the year on most areas of the island.

  • amjad ali

    Top 10 Beautiful Animals In The World

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