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Little Girl Jumpsuit & Topknot

This will be one of my wall decorations some day:)

Haha! Awesome!

Pretty! and Something Blue!

Adorable.. I love the dress!

Future baby chair. Heck yeah!

Porch decoration to make:)

This is gorgeous

So freaking cute. I can't wait for some day when I can go to these kinds of photo shoots


So cute. I want a picture like this on my wedding day:) no way are my animals going to be completely left out!

I want my babies to grow up with horses ♥

Some day engagement photo?:)

So cute. Haha great idea. I know I use to hate the water when I was little. I wish I'd had one!

So CUTE! I want to make this for my girl some day.. When I have one.. hahah

Paper flowers. Great inexpensive idea! It'd take a buttload of time though..

I'm gonna teach my chillins to cook young:)

This is what I want to do. Wrap the fence with lights, and also hang some mason jars with candles

Put your brides maids dress' color under yours. :)

I love these outfits! so adorable

Love these types of hairstyles. old fashioned

For a baby shower, instead of getting cards to go with the baby gift, get a children's book and write a special message to the baby. :) LOOOOOVE THIS IDEA

Grace Kelly, Helen Rose design ♥

I love Helen Rose designs..