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Gibraltar Airport is one of the most extraordinary airports in the world:

Gibraltar International Airport is an unusual airport. Do you know why? This is the only airport where the runway actually intersects the express highway between Spain and Island. When a plane has to take off or land, traffic is shut down.

#Gibraltar Airport  Runway crosses the main road which is itself closed for individual operarions.  Aircraft has priority from the left - and the right. lsp

Strange Airport: Gibraltar, World’s Only Airport Runway Intersecting a Road By Kaushik Thursday,

Gibraltar. Wow. Apparently, we'll leave our car on the other side of the airport runway in Spain, and walk to Gibraltar, which is Britain with a suntan. :)

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A long since dead Canadian Airline on approach into Hong Kong's old Kai Tak airport

Canadian Airlines Boeing C-FGHZ "Rhys T. Eyton" making an aggressively swift and tight turn to line up for landing at Hong Kong-Kai Tak International, June (Photo: Gordon Ho)

A Boeing 777-300ER lands at the Warsaw Chopin Airport during a strong storm

Post with 53508 views. Riders of the storm - Boeing 777 landing at Chopin Airport, Warsaw

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As 7 maiores máquinas voadoras já construídas pelo homem

Largest Commercial Airplane ever made. Singapore Airlines Airbus seen here on the South Cross taxiway, Singapore Changi Airport.

rock of gibraltar

Gibraltar - showing airport runway crossing main point of entry from Spain

Gibraltar Border Row: UK And Spain's Prime Ministers In Talks...                     (07/08/13.)

PMs talk amid Gibraltar dispute

Leipzig airport #joingermantraditionEverywhere Everywhere Promotion- Joy Richard Preuss

This Is Your Captain, And We Are Totally Not Lost Or Anything

An Airbus 380 crosses an aircraft-only autobahn bridge at the Leipzig airport.de] Leipzig airport Everywhere Promotion- Joy Richard Preuss