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A recent selfie of Zayn!

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lol! did he actually say that? it wouldn't surprise me...

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Lets be honest.. Niall is the luckiest fan

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Harry filming himself

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Famous photos turned into selfies.

Famous Photos turned into Self Shots - South African newspaper The Cape Times turned famous photographs into self shots for a clever campaign. The text on the ad says: "You can't get any closer to the news. The Cape Times. Know all about it."

EEEEEKKKKKKK!!!! just go with it zayn what would the world do without niall????oh yeah and its food would who dosent love it this isnt your first time meeting niall ;- )

Okay, first, can you imagine going to the 1D World?? Second. Can you imagine going to the 1D World and seeing JOSH FREAKING DEVINE THERE??....well I went there and freaking screamed and ran straight into NYC traffic when I saw it like from a mile away...@Amazing Azer @Sarah Ibrahim


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Zayn's reaction when he found out that Marvel based a comic on him! His smile though, aw bb <3 #ghostrider


One Direction Poster - Zayn Poster

I love you Zayn. You have changed so many lives, even mine, and I never got the chance to just simply say "thank you"

Liam's over there like "Whoa this wasn't my idea I swear." And Lou's all "Ha! Look at this!" Niall's just laughing like "Hahahaha we have a super model on our laps." Zayn's sharing the same thought, except more amusing. Then we have Harry who's all "Whoa super model, I'll just be sexy too."