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to all the girls who get to take selfies with zayn malik, know that i am soooooooo jealous and y'all are the luckiest ducks in the universe

The revolution of the one direction's selfies.

Greatest selfies of Louis Tomlinson. But we can't forget the one of him in the scarf and glasses

lol jk I'm gorgeous...nevet get old zayn, never gets old

Meanwhile while harry is on the missing persons list because he dropped off the face of the Earth, we have found Niall taking drunk selfies

I am old enough to not call them my boys, because I know they never really were. I now know that they are each others boys. And i still love them.

Guys I lost like ten followers:( pleeease follow me I promise I'll follow back!xx

he's such a cheeky lad<<< I really just love how we all use British phrases, even though we're from everywhere in the world.

His selfies are seriously gonna be the death of me!! Love my Irish heartthrob ❤️

:) because everyone needs a good Zayn collage ♥♥ instant day brightener XD so my fellow Zayn girls like and comment the heck outta this picture

YOU GUYS SORRY IF I LEFT SOME GROUP BOARDS. I love you all so much and I promise I only left them because I have 8474936394738 boards lol. ILY TYSM ♡ xox

Hahahaha this would be my reaction too