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3 inch one of a kind temari ball by temaritime on Etsy

Japanese Temari Ball - Kasuri Design (Yellow 4 1/2”) by NavAndFets on Etsy

Made to order - handmade, decorative 4" Temari Ball by TemariBev on Etsy

Two More Temari

I like how this temari turned out with the concentric bands changing from a square near the pole to a circle at the equator. And from another view, a different pattern is visible: The next temari w...

PATTERN - Butterflies Temari Original Pattern by Barbara B. Suess

Two beautiful butterflies stitched in shades of purple have an obi of fans and pine needle designs arranged between. To be successful with this design, you should already be able to make a round ball, mark a combination 8 division, stitch a kiku herringbone, spindle, and pine needle. This is a digital for the butterfly pattern only. Seven pattern pages are filled with photos and diagrams. Instructions include marking a combination 6 division. You will receive a link to download your copy…