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4th of July Crafty recipes and decorations like these Patriotic Cake pops that look like American Flag! They would be great at any Fourth of July Party! Enjoy!

4th of July

cake pops

Revolutionary Berries. So simple and cute.

Easy Floral & Food 4th of July Decorations #4thofJuly

ANOTHER SHAMEFUL DISPLAY OF THE AMERICAN FLAG!!!! You can call it "ART".... But it's still disgraceful Bull$h!t!!! (Don't call me or any other American when u need help... Go show ur art to enemies.... They'll REALLY appreciate it!!!). BTW, calling a flag a "replica" doesn't magically transform that flag into art.... Anymore than u soaking that flag in tea, tying it around a ladder, & slappin' a rusted trinket on it can be called art!!!!

{4th of july}

4th of July

Cake pops!

Cake with patriotic star using berries.

Flag cake balls

{waving in the wind 4th of july cupcakes}