• Carrie Clore

    This Creepy Doll’s Maniacal Laughter Will Echo in Your Nightmares

  • Holly Key

    Holy Cow! Creepy 70's doll commercial might as well be a horror movie.

  • Cynthia Jean

    Behold, Baby Laugh-a-Lot, who turns innocent little girls into zombie-demons with her laugh. | This '70s Doll Commercial Might As Well Be A Trailer For The World's Scariest Movie....I had and hated this doll.

  • Ember Descending

    Remco - Baby Laugh'a'Lot Original Commercial/ the freaking SCARIEST BABY DOLL COMERCIAL EVER

  • Brandi Kleinman

    Baby Laughs A Lot

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FP Little People Nursery

"Bedknobs and Broomsticks": The Dizzy Girl head mold by Mego was used for Eglantine, but the doll is only marked "Hong Kong" on her back with no other reference to Mego. She was sold separately. Through a company called Hoffman Toys, you could purchase the magical bed, which was a motorized "bump-and-go" toy that worked with two "C" batteries.

Miss Eglantine Price ~ Bedknobs and Broomsticks doll ~ Angela Lansbury

Happy Family House

Pippa & Her World: A Collectors Identification and Price Guide For The British 1970s Fashion Doll by Palitoy





Mego Dinah Mites First Playset was the Beach House.

Dinah Mite's inflatable pool

DINAH-MITE'S BIKE is motorized, and the pedals actually turn. The batteries are carried in the basket on the back.

Dinah-Mite outfit 1417: Nightingale. White nurse dress, cap and tights, blue cloak

Diah-Mite 1423: P.J.s Red/white/black top and pants, TV, brush, comb. Advertised as pink, this is the pattern it was actually shipped with. TV has a wiggle picture, image varies widely.

The Sunshine Family

The Sunshine Family

The Bionic Woman doll was made in the mid 1970’s to represent Lindsay Wagner who starred in the “Bionic Woman” TV series as Jaime Sommers.

The Bionic Woman doll

The Best of the West dolls were made by Marx from the late 1960s through the mid-1970s.

Remco - Baby Laugh-a-Lot Original Commercial // Scariest toy ever?

Tuesday Taylor's Penthouse Apartment. Complete with 70s style decor, her appartment came with a special back panel that switched the outdoor scenary from day to night.

Tuesday Taylor