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Wine Storage Tips by Matt Wood: Temperature: This is probably the most important factor to consider. Suggested wine storage temperature is 50F to 60F. Maintaining that temperature in your house would probably freeze you to death and substantially increase your energy bills. Even if you can't achieve those temperature goals, we recommend you find the coolest closet in your house or apartment, place a thermometer inside and check it once in the morning, again at midday, and finally at night…

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Optimum Wine Serving Temperatures

A look at a range of different wines and just what temperature they should be served at (infographic)

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How to Make Wine

how to make wine. 22 easy steps. sure. easy. | Learn How to Make Your Own Dago Red Wine: #Dago


The Non-Snobby Wine Guide

THE NON-SNOBBY WINE GUIDE: By Anthony Giglio | Photography by Lori Foy. 1. Should I buy a corked bottle or are screw tops ok? No need to be uptight about screw tops: They actually allow you to taste wine exactly as it was bottled. Corks do play a part in wine's aging, but come on—how often do you let bottles mature longer than a gallon of milk? 2. I don't know how much wine to buy. Generally, one regular 750ml bottle yields five 5-ounce glasses. (Count ounces with “one Mississippi…