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Jenni Farley wears a skin tight, short blue dress, silver chain belt, red highlights with dark brown hair and a new svelte body. Or, a print blue dress, hair down, long earrings!

Amy Winehouse in a red and black dress, tamed black hair and black high heels. Or a more casual look with jeans, pink shirt,ballet shoes, wild, high hair, gold highlights and tattoos!

Casual de otoño, solo cambiaría lo holgado por algo más ajustado en los pantalones. Fajado.

Superstar mogul Jada Pinkett Smith has been in the limelight for many years and has kept her fans wanting more with all her different style changes. In this first look she lets loose with wild curly hair, silver mini-dress and matching silver clutch. In a more casual look she wears cream pants, cream leather jacket, gold choker, long braids and tinted sunglasses!