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    3y Saved to Lol!
    • emily  🎭

      this is so funny😂 because I actually ask all of my friends this question bc I have no idea what they can see without their glasses😂👓

    • Madi Mcknight

      Lol that's So true cuz when someone with glasses takes them off we're all just like "How many fingers am I holding up!"

    • Heather Olsen

      This is SO true!! My friends always do this when I'm not wearing glasses, I will tell them a few more than what the are holding up and they freak out!

    • ✨Alexis Shelley✨

      So true!!! I went to school for a week without my glasses and all my friends were like, "How many fingers am I holding up?" And I'm like "I can see that I'm not blind!!!"

    • Lynn Norris

      So true! I always tell my friends that they don't magically grow fingers when they take my glasses

    • Erin Bergin

      This image says a lot of different things about me. First off, it shows how stubborn I am. I have terrible eye sight but I refuse to wear my glasses. Glasses aren't really my style. Secondly, it shows my sense of humor. I love to laugh and I love to make other people laugh. I love reading memes. I think it is a great way to see that your not the only person thinking these thoughts. For example, my friends ALWAYS ask me how many fingers they are holding up. Its just blurry, not mutated by aliens

    • Tiffany Sparkes

      How My Friends Think I See Without My Glasses, So True!

    • Leah Schultz

      complete truth, and how my friends see in my glasses

    • Olivia


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