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Gorgeous Shower

Cap White

Soft Vinyl

Beauty Shower

Mimi A La Mode - for all your weird old-timey shower cap needs

Edwardian 1910

Edwardian Fashion

Vintage Fashion

Edwardian Costume

Edwardian Womens

French Fashion

Classic Fashion

Vintage Beauty

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Mind blowing coincidences…

Andrew Johnson

History Teachers

History Classroom

Blowing Coincidences

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Funny Picture Dump Of The Day – 47 Pics

1837 Morning

Cap Morning

Morning Hours

Cap 1837

Hats 1830 40

1820S Hats

Flirtation Ribbons

Americanmedium Cotton

Cap American

Cap, Morning

Ago Leather

Leather Hat

Leather Fetish

Black Leather

Baseballhat Hat

Baseballcap Baseballhat

Fashion Cap

Apparel Fashion

Black Fashion

Faux Leather Baseball Cap

Swim Hats

Bathing Hat

Modest Bathing

Bathing Party

Bathing Ensemble

Three Bathing

1960S Bathing

Swimming Caps

Bathing Swimming

love the vintage bathing cap, can we please bring these back??? #bathing_cap

Cap French

French 18Th

Century Cap

Xviii Century

Cap 18Th

Century Quilted

Century Cotton


Cap Cotton

18th century cotton cap, French

Museum Org

Museum Of Art

Met Museum

Fashion Period

Fashion 19Th

Fashion History

Women S Fashion

Linen Vintage

Vintage Hats

Cap 1808, German, Made of paper and linen

Und Regency

1800 1830 Regency

Regency Hats

Regency Stuff

Regency Life

1800 S

1804 14



1804-1814 cotton cap, French

Fashion Soulala Hq

Indie Beauty Fashion

Ethnic Fashion

Balkan Fashion

Slavic Fashion

Bella Russe

Color Mizustyle

Folk Fashione

Russian Dresses

À la russe.

1 Caps

Hats And Caps

Cap D'Agde

Muslin 2

Embroidered Muslin

1800 1820 Regency

1820 S

Headpieces Caps


1816 Costume Parisien. 1. Caps of cotton with puffings of muslin. 2. Caps of embroidered muslin.

Bonnet Core

Cap 18Thc

Core Cap

French Cap

Historical Millinery

Fashion 1700 1795

18Th Century Fashion

Cotton Cap


Cap Date: 18th century Culture: French Medium: cotton

1845 1850

1850 Silk

Cap 1845

1850S Caps

Usa 1845

1850 Mma

1860S Lace

Silk Bonnets

Hats Caps Bonnets Hoods

Cap Date: 1845–50 Culture: American Medium: silk

Caps And Turbans

Headgear Caps

1814 French

Cap French

Regency Caps

Regency Style

Ladies Regency

Regency Period

Caps 1811 1820

Cap, 1804–14, French, cotton. The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Glamourfrom Glamour

The Best Accessories From Fall 2015 Fashion Week

2015 Ready To Wear

Ready To Wear Fashion

Fashion Fall

Fashion Show

Pucci S Leather

West Style Com

Hats Hats Hurray

Millinery Contemporary Hats

Hat Square

Emilio Pucci's leather riding cap

Regency Hats

Regency Caps

Regency Dress

Regency Style

Regency Fashion

Regency Ocm

Regency Millinery Women

1812 Costumes

Costume Hats

1812, Costumes Parisiens. 1. Hat of silk and plush. 2. Hats of "Virginie." 3. Caps of cotton and tulle. 4. Hats of single velvet. 5. Hat of plush. 6. Hats of curly (crimped? shaggy?) velvet.

Vintage Ice Cream

Vintage Red

Icecream Scoop

50S Ice

Cream Scoopers

Ice Cream Scooper

Red Bakelite

Vintage Bakelite

Love Mom

Vintage cherry red bakelite ice cream scoop.

Green Tassle

White Radish

Winter Cap

White Fleece


Cap D'Agde

Lotta Jansdotter

Simple Sewing


White Radish Winter Cap by pancakes for dinner, via Flickr

1800 S Caps

18Th C Caps

Čepce Caps

Hats And Caps

Cap D'Agde

Cap Early

Early 18Th

History Re Enacting

Coifs Caps

Cap Date: first quarter 18th century Culture: Dutch Medium: linen Upside down!

Christmas Candies

Hard Christmas

80S Christmas Decorations

Christmas Vintage

Christmas Memories

Christmas Ideas

Merry Christmas

Christmas Spirit

Fashion Christmas

remember these?