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Mimi A La Mode - for all your weird old-timey shower cap needs


P.E.: gotta love this--50 minute class period...10 minutes to "suit up," 20 minutes to do whatever, 10 minutes to change back (totally avoiding the showers whenever possible) ...class over


Cap, Morning

Funny Picture Dump Of The Day – 47 Pics

Faux Leather Baseball Cap

love the vintage bathing cap, can we please bring these back??? #bathing_cap

Cap 1808, German, Made of paper and linen

18th century cotton cap, French

1804-1814 cotton cap, French

À la russe.

1816 Costume Parisien. 1. Caps of cotton with puffings of muslin. 2. Caps of embroidered muslin.

Cap Date: 1845–50 Culture: American Medium: silk

Cap Date: 18th century Culture: French Medium: cotton

Cap, 1804–14, French, cotton. The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Emilio Pucci's leather riding cap

1812, Costumes Parisiens. 1. Hat of silk and plush. 2. Hats of "Virginie." 3. Caps of cotton and tulle. 4. Hats of single velvet. 5. Hat of plush. 6. Hats of curly (crimped? shaggy?) velvet.

Vintage cherry red bakelite ice cream scoop.

Cap Date: first quarter 18th century Culture: Dutch Medium: linen Upside down!

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