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  • Rose Garcia

    DIY downsizing a striped knit dress.

  • Amy K

    This is a DIY about tailoring an oversized knit dress (or t-shirts?), from Proving once again, I NEED TO LEARN HOW TO SEW.

  • Pattie Belle Hastings

    Refashioning clothes to your tastes and fit. Thrift stores beware.

  • Cath Lewandowski

    downsizing a shift dress

  • Mikal

    Downsizing a striped knit dress and excuse the messy house

  • Danette Joy

    Downsizing a striped knit maternity (or oversized) dress into a sexy curve hugging one! Great idea for dresses you find on sale or clearance because all they have left are XL-XXL's, but you love the look!

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