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Members of the Anti-Poaching Unit (APU) patrol in Pilanesberg National Park April 19, 2012. Elephant and rhino poaching is surging, conservationists say, an illegal piece of Asia's scramble for African resources, driven by the growing purchasing power of the region's newly affluent classes. In South Africa, nearly two rhinos a day are being killed to meet demand for the animal's horn, which is worth more than its weight in gold

@izismile #Nick #Brandt black & white photo of an elephant with all it's glory, huge flapping ears, the long ivory tusks, their long trunk and amazing memory

Volunteer Work at Kariega Conservation Project in South Africa | Wildlife Conservation | Big Five Reserve Program

Animals Gallery, Photo of the Day PAUL BREHEM| pinner Jen Rotheray states "These beautiful animals are under threat of extinction here in South Africa due to rhino horn poachers. The whole world needs to us fight this!"

South Africa is allowing the wildlife to be wiped out by criminal syndicates (foreign and domestic) for the illegal trade of Rhino horn. The Citizens of South Africa and the world now demand the intervention of it's Defence Forces to stop this criminal activity on our Sovereign soil. This action will create awareness for our government so it will take action and save our Rhino from extinction. It is BULLSHIT that people can do this to a living thing