If you want a laidback intimate feel in your home, it\'d be a great idea to have floor seating either in the living room or dining area. You could also put it in the reading nook or library. Look at this awesome floor seating arrangement as can be seen in

floor pillows

loft style

Bohemian decor. I love this little corner where you can relax and watch the world go by. Cozy window seat

How comfy!

Balcony Nook

Want to make something like this!

comfy lounge area | Four Chairs Furniture

Hydrofloors are only like the coolest thing ever invented. They are specially designed pools with movable floors. When you’re using your pool it’s just like a normal pool. But when you are done swimming or aquacising, you press a button and the pool’s floor slowly raises up while the water slips underneath the floor. Pimpin! Eventually the pool’s floor reaches the top and you are left with a large flat area you can use for recreation, dining, parties or any other dry land even


Narnia wall. I'm ever so in love with this- would be so cool in a library or reading nook!

Warm and Cozy

cute outdoor area

little space This would be a great spot to sit and watch people start their day. Beauty and the beast music instantly started playing..."there goes the baker with his bread like always"....


That's an amazing idea #guiness

outdoor nook.

Give it bigger cushions and carpet in the center and it's a win!