beach house

Now if this was the beach instead of the desert. The Desert Villa by Studio Aiko

a pretty dreamy back garden!

Casa VU is a 2012 project by TDC that is located in Lima, Peru. This sleek, modern home is perched on a cliff overlooking the sea which provides stunning, panoramic views.

Casa na Areia, in Comporta, Grândola, Portugal / Aires Mateus

Casa na Areia / Aires Mateus

bedroom with sand floor / Casa na Areia by Aires Mateus

Creato Arquitectos

modern wood black and white elevation Good home idea, Beautiful and contemporary architectural design!

Constantia home in cape town, south africa, Today I dream about this peaceful looking house located in Cape Town, South Africa. The house belongs to the photographer Adrian Nakic and his wife June.

Kann man so machen #crazy

The infinity pool has a steel sculpture on the lee side of it designed by AA Robins with holes that match the limestone pattern on the property. When a swimmer jumps in, water sluices through the holes.

If Im going to dream...I should dream BIG! Indoor Dock

Boathouse cottage on Lake Joseph in Foot's Bay, Muskoka, Ontario, Canada. It's THE lake to be on in they say


Corallo House / PAZ Arquitectura

Built by PAZ Arquitectura in Guatemala City, Guatemala with date Images by Andres Asturias. Located on a dense hillside forest in the Santa Rosalía area of Guatemala City, Corallo House integrates the existing.