FURNITURE PREP BEFORE PAINTING Wipe down all surfaces that will be painted with the denatured alcohol. This will dull the surface a bit, and give the surface a little “tooth” for the paint to adhere.

How-to-paint over wood that has a stained or urethane finish on it. {In My Own}

Craft tip - How to prep different surfaces for DIY painting and paint color wheel chart

How to tint your own furniture Glaze - plus other helpful tips for painting furniture.

How to get sharpie off of leather surfaces. I might need this!

A soft metallic cream (mica powders in wax) that can be applied with a soft cloth or brush. Gilt Cream can be used as a metallic stencil medium to create dramatic effects on dark surfaces. On wood surfaces such as furniture and molding, use it to highlight carved and raised surfaces. Distress this effect by rubbing with Extra Fine (0000) Steel Wool.

Stain On Regular Paint Makes The Coolest Effect!

How to Layer Wood Stain to achieve this look. Video Tutorial

Doodle in white 3D paint all over the surface of a canvas painted in a favorite color to work with the decor. Fill the entire surface with designs. Once the 3-D paint is dry, paint over the top of the designs & then wipe the paint away- just enough to pull the pigment from the top of the dried 3-D paint. The result is a relief painting that has wonderful dimension & texture on surface.

best paints for painting furniture

Primer for wood veneer to prep for paint-oil based primer by Zinsser-find it at Lowes that STICKS TO ALL SURFACES WITHOUT SANDING!

water stain denatured alcohol and other repairs on anything wooden!

DIY Tutorial: Using Masking Tape When Painting. Get tips on the proper way to use masking tape for your painting projects. Taking time to tape your surface before you start to paint will protect it from damage later on.

Three painting pros recommend the best primers to solve common painting problems, including stains on walls, moisture damage, old painted surfaces, odors, color changes and new exterior wood. See what 11 problems you can solve with primer at

Try a liquid sander/deglosser to prepare a clear finished surface for painting. It's faster and easier than sanding.

good tip for adding contrast when painting, as long as there are some grooves or unevenness to the surface. Rub a darker color paint into the grooves before spraying with the lighter color. If you only spray one coat the darker color should show in some areas.

How to Paint Furniture without sanding

How to Paint Any Surface CERAMIC

Not planning on painting any time soon, but holy smokes. So smart. Use this trick to cover carpet before painting - as well as all surfaces. Contractor secrets roundup.

How to Paint Furniture without sanding

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