FURNITURE PREP BEFORE PAINTING Wipe down all surfaces that will be painted with the denatured alcohol. This will dull the surface a bit, and give the surface a little “tooth” for the paint to adhere.

Lists lots of different topcoats, what to use each one on and how to do it. Painting 101: Topcoats and when to use them

How to make Rock Ink Wash out of acrylic paint & Future Floor Finish - can be used to age surfaces or achieve a faux stone effect. This site is FULL of fab faux finish tips & techniques!!

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Have you ever wanted to use barn wood but couldn't find any. This is a great tutorial for making your own. It's seems pretty easy!!!

Tip for using Mimwax GEL – for no drip staining furniture! I know [painting] wood pieces [is] ALL The RAGE on Pinterest, and some pieces do look better painted - especially French Country - but I really like this classic look and this gal's entry just really appealed to me.

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