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wow! what a cool way to use an old tire!

pond + raised bed = awesome

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Outdoor aquarium

Pondless waterfall, this is what I want in my yard. The sound of running water, with out a pond that I would have to worry about with kids. I want a small one like this...

Koi fish pond observation tower - DIY garden pond aquarium

Pond liner: $ 40. Plastic Pond: $ 100. Beautiful round, brick edged pond: $15 - $40. Tops. All you need is a kiddie pool ($15) and enough brick to line it. The kiddie pool pond I made more than five years ago is still alive and well, though it might not last as long in cold climates.

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Small raised pond with a small garden surrounding it.

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When it comes to re-purposing old stuff, there endless ideas to reinvent an item and give it a new purpose. Call it up-cycling or recycling, it's all the same

Tractor tire ponds

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How to build a pondless "disappearing" garden fountain.

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I want one of these for my patio !