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    fun food ideas for kids

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    Crab sandwich - fun for kids

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    CrabbyCrabwich Hungry kids will dig right into this tasty lunchtime fare, perfect for beach parties, picnics, and more. Serves: 2 Ingredients: 1 croissant / Sandwich filling* / 6 baby carrots / 2 toothpicks /1 black olive / 2 cream cheese balls (1/2-inch) / 1 red bell pepper / 1 radish Instructions: Slit open the outside edge of a croissant, as shown, and stuff it with sandwich filling.*

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    Crab Croissant Food Decoration For Kids, 2013 Food Decor Ideas #2013 #kids #food #decorations

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    Great beach theme party food ideas on this site.

  • Tammy Fielden

    Oh, he's cute!! Crabbie Croissant #kids #fun #food #funfoods

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    Fun Food For Kids - Party Crab Croissant - well aren't you the cutest thing!

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fun! Thumper's wrap sandwich 1 whole wheat tortilla 1 slice turkey 1 slice ham 1 slice low fat yellow cheese (such as American) 1 slice low fat white cheese (such as provolone) 2 olive slices Lettuce and tomatoes for garnish

Cocina sandwiches de jamón y queso como estos, las meriendas serán muy divertidas para los pequeños de la casa #GaleriAkal Untuk berbagi ide dan kreasi seru si Kecil lainnya, yuk kunjungi website Galeri Akal di Mam!

Great Idea! Maybe my kids will have a better sense of direction then I do!

robot lunch from meet the dubiens blog Robot - bologna sandwich cut into rectangle with a few heart sprinkles. Fruit leather legs and arms. Bologna head with icing eyes, heart sprinkles and food safe marker details. Cucumber and nilla wafer on the head. Blueberries to finish off the plate.

Owl sandwich. Maybe with radish trees instead of cucumber since it will be fall and Eliot's party will be Hallowe'en themed.

carrot top guy: peanut butter sandwich cut into circle, matchstick carrots for hair, apple mouth, cheese nose and candy eyes. silicone muffin liners filled with unsweetened berry applesauce with sprinkles on top and another filled with blueberries. apple slices and blueberries for garnish.

Not sure who these guys are...but fun ideas for lunches for the little guy.

I like this fun owl idea... normally, I do not have time, am not creative enough (or honestly, just don't feel like it) to do these fun kid lunch ideas... plus, I hate wasting food. But, the owl doesn't waste anything & is totally easy. Even I could do this one! :D