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The Swing Table

The Swing Table by British firm Duffy London puts the fun into boring boardroom meetings and meal times. This fun and unique design features a four poster style table, and eight chairs suspended from its light structure.

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Pinner said ~ I once ate at a restaurant with swing chairs - really fun and cool. :) Swing Table created for Duffy London. The table part is stable, I believe.

The King Arthur Round Table revolutionizes the office boardroom. Created by British furniture designer Christopher Duffy of Duffy London, the table set features swings instead of chairs.

from tumblr, a laptop covering using an over-sized vintage book cover (how this would work, I don't know, but how awesome an idea!)

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This would definitely come in handy.

Finder: RFID Locator Finds Your Misplaced Keys

Put tracking stickers on objects that you lose often, like keys, phone, wallet etc. Tell the app on your device what THAT sticker is on ("car keys"). Then when you need to find it, use the app to find that sticker (and your keys).


Sparkle Palace Cocktail Table par John Foster

The Sparkle Palace cocktail table by American artist John Foster provides a beautiful marriage between glass and light, inviting light to play an integral role in the space’s interior design.


London-based designer Christopher Duffy has created the Swing Table. The playful design of the table and the swinging chairs add a little extra fun into the dinner time

Galería de Estudio Brisbane / Woods Bagot - 21

Galería de Estudio Brisbane / Woods Bagot - 21

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Home Office Space Design Ideas is a part of our furniture design inspiration series. Furniture Inspiration series is a weekly showcase of incredible designs


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A huge bean-bag like bed/chair with a built in pillow & blanket that you can wrap yourself in. ChairA huge bean-bag like bed/chair with a built in pillow & blanket that you can wrap yourself in.

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Качели для офиса

Innovative table with eight hanging chairs designed by Christopher Duffy. Made out of steel and walnut, Swing Table will add a little extra fun to your dinners and boardroom meetings. Suspended floating chairs also make vacuuming a breeze.