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  • Elise Doolan

    next time I change my number I am doing this to someone before giving them my new number so funny lol Cat Facts

  • Lacey Corona

    Tooooo funny.... Prank of the Day: Redditor frackyou‘s little cousin posted his phone number to Facebook along with a status update informing everyone that he was bored. Cat Facts to the rescue.

  • Amanda Hanna

    Masterful "Cat Facts" Texting Prank - BuzzFeed I want to text some random number or someone who doesn't have my new phone number but I have theirs. Lol

  • Daymis Alicea

    April fool perfection. Gonna use those free text services apps to mess with my hubby - so funny!!

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I dont know what is funnier.. the horse that is stuck in the gate or a photobomb from a!!

The origin of cow licks... I once made the mistake of referencing cow licks to a group of Japanese ladies who had never heard the expression before or even met a cow. That was awkward. LOL least her hair and dress are amazing!! Love her! Jennifer Lawrence everybody!

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Some Little Known Facts. When in love the human mind chooses to ignore flaws causing it to be difficult to leave someone who causes you pain..... interesting......

Eu fico gorda, porque ele simplesmente não seria justo para todas as pessoas magras se eu fosse esta de boa aparência, inteligente, engraçado e fino. Isso é um serviço público, realmente

Not sure how much longer I have to live.

The most amazing Halloween costume ever

I love getting Repinned by a stranger. It validates my good taste.

The fire hydrant is cosplaying Mario. Think I would get in trouble if I did this? Cause it's very tempting

...when the law passed the House and Senate that open-toed shoes made a woman a whore. That's when I became a whore.

I feel like this is all the old people at work. They hate me sometimes.